Sunday, July 29, 2012

Amanda's Weekly Fitness Routine

Raise your hand if you think that busting your butt at the gym will get you to lose weight quick! Is your hand raised? Well, if it is, You're WRONG!

I recently read an article that said that by focusing on your nutrition 80% of the time and your fitness 20%, you will see greater weight loss results. And I don't know about you, working out is great and all, but I would much rather not have to workout as much and still lose more weight. You with me?

The bulk of your weight loss will come from eating right, but a workout routine will further your weight loss along.

A Good Workout has so many benefits, but it is something that you should enjoy as well. I put myself on a daily routine that would not only change my workouts for me, but give me free days to choose what I want so I enjoy it more.

I wanted to give you a sample week. Keep in mind, I workout 1 hour everyday, with the exception of my long distance runs. That is only 4% of my day. Exercising is not something that should have to consume your life.

Monday: Workout 5-6pm Free Cardio Day 
(Due to the wonderful heat we experience in the south, I choose to workout indoors. Usually, I'll do the elliptical or spinning bike.)

Tuesday: Workout 6-7pm Circuit Training Day 
(I attend a women's only fitness bootcamp. Most areas have a bootcamp or you can find a circuit training class at your local gym. Another option is purchasing a set of weights and finding Home Bootcamp instructions on the web. But you won't have the accountability of a trainer.)

Wednesday: Workout 5-6pm Free Cardio Day
(Usually, I will get on the treadmill or go home and do Insanity. For more information on Insanity, click on the link. It's the hardest workout I've ever done)

Thursday: Workout 6-7pm Circuit Training Day 
(Circuit Training is a light weight, interval training program that includes cardio into the routine. It's important to tone your muscles as you lose weight. You don't want to be flabby!!!)

Friday: Workout 6-7pm Free Day Pilates
(I like to relax on Fridays. I'm usually exhausted after the long week. Pilates offers me the strength core training to tone and sculpt, but it is not high intensity.)

Saturday: Long Distance Run

Sunday: Free Workout
(This day I do something I enjoy. Whether it is rollerblading in the park, riding my bike or throwing the Frisbee around. It doesn't even feel like a workout because it is leisurely.)

Now, I understand that I do not have children and I have crazy respect for those who do. But don't let them be your excuse. Get them involved in your workouts. If you have a baby, get a jogging stroller (second hand stores sometimes sell them) or borrow one from someone and go walking. Find a mommy and me workout group. I have some mommy and me workouts on my Pinterest

Start out small and set realistic goals for yourself. Maybe your goal will be to go on a walk around the neighborhood for an hour in the evening after it's cooled down. Whatever it is, try it. Then when you see that it can fir into your busy schedule, then increase it. Choose to live an active lifestyle. It will change your life.



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