Saturday, July 28, 2012

Healthy Food Doesn't Have to Taste Like Cardboard

Let me start off by saying that I, like most people do, like food to taste good. It probably goes to show you why I failed at ALL other diets. Whether it was depriving myself of carbs, fat, no sugar, more fiber, whatever, I didn't last long with anything.

I'll just come right out an say it, my name is Amanda and I am a food addict. I think they call food addicts foodies now a days. Anyway, I want my food to be something even remotely enjoyable. Thus I have set out on a journey to learn how to cook good, healthy food. 

When I first got married 4 years ago, I tried my best to get my cajun of a husband to eat my "healthy" food. This healthy food consisted of bland grilled chicken that had no seasoning on it and steamed veggies. Let me tell you, the man looked at me like I had two heads when I put that plate down in front of him. See, part of what makes a "true" cajun is the spicy, burn your mouth off, float in the water after your meal because of too much salt food. 

So I gave up on my version of "healthy" cooking immediately. 

But since I have embarked on this healthy lifestyle, I have reset my goal of learning what true, clean, healthy food tastes like. One of my first my meals once I began this change was my Sun Dried Tomato Chicken Panini. It is soooo good. I promise you, it will convert any hard headed, picky eater in your household. My husband's exact words were, "It took you 4 years to learn to cook, but man this tastes good." And he was talking about a healthy meal!!!!

Why, because food can naturally taste good when you put the right things together. 

I'll be posting recipes everyday! Check back to print them out. 

I promise you, you can make the change!