Saturday, July 28, 2012

Sun Dried Tomate Chicken Panini

Serves:  3-­‐4  People   

1.5  Lbs.  Boneless,  Skinless  Chicken  Breasts   
1⁄2  Cup  Sun-­‐Dried  Tomatoes  (In  a  Jar)   
1  Tbsp.  Minced  Garlic   
1  Tsp.  Red  Wine  Vinegar  or  Balsamic  Vinegar  
3-­‐4  Nature␣s  Own  Whole  Wheat  Sandwich  Rounds  (Or  you  can  use  Whole  Wheat  Buns)   
1  Cup  Low  Fat,  Part  Skim  Shredded  Mozzarella  Cheese  
1  Cup  Sliced,  Peeled  Zucchini  (Optional)
1  Tsp.  Olive  Oil  (Or  Pam  Olive  Oil  Cooking  Spray)  

In  a  skillet,  heat  your  olive  oil  (or  Pam)  and  brown  you  chicken  until  thoroughly  cooked.  Once  completely   cooked,  let  then  chicken  cool  and  cut  the  chicken  into  chunks.  
Mix  the  Sun  Dried  Tomatoes,  Garlic  and  Red  Wine  Vinegar  into  a  food  processor  and  set  the  food   processor  to  CHOP  and  blend  until  mixture  is  like  a  paste  consistency.  

*If  you  don␣t  have  a  food  processor,  you  can  just  chop  up  the  Sun-­‐Dried  Tomatoes  and  mix  those   ingredients  in  a  small  bowl.  

To  make  (1)  Sandwich,  take  1⁄2  of  the  Sandwich  Round,  sprinkle  about  1  Tbsp.  on  Mozzarella  on  the   bread.  Scoop  about  2  Tbsp.  of  the  Chopped  Chicken  onto  the  bread.  Spread  1  Tbsp.  of  the  Sun  Dried   Tomato  Paste  on  top  of  the  chicken.  Place  as  many  zucchini  slices  as  you  would  like  on  top  of  the   chicken  and  place  the  other  1⁄2  of  the  sandwich  round  on  top.  
If  you  have  a  Panini  Grill  or  a  George  Forman␣s  Grill,  place  the  sandwich  inside  and  brown  for  about  1-­‐2   minutes.    

*If  you  don␣t  have  one  of  those  grills,  place  the  sandwich  back  on  the  skillet  and  let  everyone  melt   together.  

And  Enjoy!   

This  Meal  Equals  to  the  Following:   1  Carb  Serving,  1  Protein  Serving  and  1  Veggie  serving  per  sandwich 


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  2. I am so pumped that I found your blog! I am so excited for the encouragement and the recipes! I have been working hard to eat clean and healthy for about a year now. Currently I am living on a tiny island in the Philippines and my resources are very limited! But tonight I did make your chicken panini recipe and it was amazing! The only changes I made was using tortillas instead of bread..and I also couldn't I find sundried tomatoes that were in a jar (only ones that were dried and packaged) so I just added water in order for it to turn into paste....I made triple of everything so that I can enjoy it for lunch for the next couple days :) Thanks so much!!!! Olivia Joy

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