Sunday, August 19, 2012

Tri Training... Kicking my Booty!

I decided that a Half-Marathon wasn't enough. NO, I needed to throw more training in my way. So why not sign up for a Triathlon? It won't be hard, right. (Just nod your head in agreement)

So I registered for a women's only Tri, thinking that it would be easier, since it was only for women. 
Boy, (or in this case, Girl) was I wrong. Please let me to introduce you to Girl Power.

So here is my revised training schedule. I'll let you know if I live, ok?

Monday: (Half Marathon Training Day)
10 Miles on Stair Elliptical

The Stair Elliptical is great because I get to up my pace, condition my breathing, build my endurance and still enjoy air conditioning. 

Tuesday: (Tri-Training Day/Cross Training)
3-4 Mile Run (Morning) 30-40 Minutes *10 minute mile pace
Circuit Training (Evening) (Weights, Cardio, Calisthenics) 60 minutes

Wednesday: (Tri-Training Day)
15 Mile Cycling (Evening) 14 MPH pace 1:05 minutes or
4 Mile Run (Evening) *Speed Play *9 minute mile pace 36 minutes

Thursday: (Cross Training)
Circuit Training (Evening) (Weights, Cardio, Calisthenics) 60 minutes

Friday: Rest Day

Saturday: (Half-Marathon Training Day)
10-12 Mile Run *Slower Pace 11:30 pace 1:25 minutes

Sunday: (Tri-Triaining Day)
600 Meter Swim (20 Sec. Rest in Between) 10 Mile Bike Ride

Note: This is a crazy workout schedule and I focus on proper nutrition for an athlete. Good Nutrition is so important especially when training. Also, the training varies to help me prevent injury.

There is till time to register for the Girl Power Tri. Click the link above if you are interested!