Monday, May 13, 2013

Amanda Update: Marathon Training, Hawaii and More!

Life is crazy for me. Or maybe it's me that is crazy. That's an argument for another day. But needless to say that when you work full time, Run Two Businesses, Go to School, Keep a Blog and not to mention the hustle and bustle of every day life, you don't have much room to add anything else.

But some how, I add more. So I haven't posted much about this, but I'm training for a marathon. In San Francisco of all places. Of course I couldn't choose a marathon in a normal flat city where it would be easy to breathe and run. Nope. I have to choose the marathon in the city that is built completely on hills. SMH... I wonder about myself sometimes.

The Wipro Marathon is one of the top 5 destination marathons in the country. I chose this one because I have friends and family there and simply thought, I'll go run a race there so I have a free place to stay! Really...

It has been a journey. I started my training in March. Keep in mind that my mileage was already up due to running the Disney Princess Half Marathon at the end of February. But every other week, that mileage has slowly begin to grow!

My first 18 Miler!
The 18 mile run was a little rough. My body goes through crazy things when I'm running that far. But I lived to tell about it. My first 20 miler is coming up this week. I'm a little nervous! But 5 weeks and counting and I better be ready.
In other news, through out my weigh loss journey last year, my goal was to go to Hawaii for our 5th anniversary and look good in a bikini. Our 5th anniversary was April 20th and we visited Oahu. Can I just say, everyone should be required in like to go to Hawaii. It was WONDERFUL! We had the best time. Mostly, we relaxed at the Turtle Bay Resort. But we also took helicopter ride around the island, surfed, went to Diamond Head and did other touristy things.

The biggest accomplishment for me was the bikini. This was a big deal for me. I have NEVER worn a bikini. Even when I was slender. I have never viewed myself as skinny and never thought I looked good. But I cast all fear to the wind and went for it. Keep in mind, I've talked about this for a year.

I'm not a stick, but I'm confident and want every woman to experience this feeling. There is nothing like knowing you worked you butt off to get to this place. For me, it was surreal. Like a dream.

I'm Strong. I'm Healthy. I'm Fit. And someone will always judge me, but that's ok. I love my life!

What are some of your goals? What is your dream?

No matter who you are or what you can or can't do, anyone can live healthy. It's your choice :)

Love God. Live Happy. Be Strong



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