Friday, September 27, 2013

No Gym? Full Body Workout in 3 Moves.

As a health coach, I have heard every excuse in the book. As a former over-weight person, I have said every excuse in the book. I have heard why a person can't eat healthy to why they don't have time to workout.

If I hear people give me an excuse, that is usually a sign that they have not committed to making a change in their life, thus I see it as wasting my time. (Just keeping it real folks.)

I commit 100% to my clients and I expect them to have that same commitment to themselves. Before I veer off track, let me say this. I know EVERYONE, no matter who you are, what your schedule looks like, what your situation is, can make a change.

I'm here to eliminate the excuse of no time to workout. I posted a picture on my Instagram this week. It's a little nudge at the crazy popular game, Candy Crush. I don't play this game and have purposely stayed away from it due to the fact that everyone I know who has played it is addicted.

Look, I understand busy lifestyles. I work a full time job which involves travel at times, manage my husband's accounting and book work for his Air Conditioning Business, co-own a photography business, offer Health Coaching, assist in Leading Fitness boot camps 4 times a week, training for a marathon and all the while, being a wife, cleaning the house, cooking... You get the point.
But my body is the only one I have and I have chosen to live healthy and strong. So the get to the point of this post. Here is a No Gym Needed, Full Body Workout in 3 Moves. (Warning: It's Hard)
Set a challenge for yourself to do 5 a day for an entire week. Each week add 5 per day. Build up to 50 a day. I promise you, you will feel great, you will get muscle definition and you will see your overall health improve. It's hard and you have to go at your own pace, but try it.
Here are the moves: Jump Squat (Quads, Hamstrings, Calves, Gluts, Core) to the Right, Go into a Burpee (Chest, Shoulder, Back, Core) and a Push Up (Bicep, Triceps, Back, Core). 3 moves. Come back up and repeat.

You can do this in your living room while watching your favorite shows. But I can promise you, it's hard. Monitor your heart rate. And again, start off with a lower number and build your way up.
Good Luck!


  1. You have inspired me. You look great. I'm trying to loose weight. I have had 3 babies in 5 years. The Lord has blessed us with all boys. I'm trying to loose so I can get pregnant again. We are believing the Lord to bless us with 2 daughters. I'm determined to get back in shape. Thanks for paving the way and encouraging me to work hard to meet my goal.
    Kimmie Ericksen

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  9. That makes it easier to exercise.

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  12. Good motivation to exercise.