Wednesday, May 4, 2016

New Adventures, New Season, New Goals

Wow.... It's been some time. Where to begin.

In October 2013, we found out news that would change our life. We were pregnant!!!
I worked out during my pregnancy but allowed myself to love my body during this time of change.

In July 2014, we had our first beautiful baby girl. She's absolutely amazing! I continued my fitness journey, became a personal trainer and began hosting a bi-weekly bootcamps.

Fast forward to June 2015, 3 weeks before our little girl's first birthday. Surprise! We were expecting again!! And boy was it a surprise. We were expecting our second little girl!!!

Our second little girl made her appearance March 2016. Two girls under two. Crazy, I know! But we love our crazy life!!!

But the time is now. Time to get back on this wondrous journey I call health. I never quite left this journey, just allowed for a few detours. (Smile)

I want to fit back into my pre-pregnancy clothes, run marathons again, do 50 push ups again with no problem. I have a long way to go. But I don't want to go it alone. I want a team. A team of people who want to live healthy lives, be confident, strong, fit.

What am I currently doing? You mean, besides chasing a VERY active toddler and spending countless hours cooing and smiling at a beautiful infant? Lucky, I know. Nut seriously, I am changing my mindset to focus on myself, my husband, my family. Focus on my health. And pursing being a Fitness Coach through Beachbody.

Beachbody is one of the leading fitness companies in the US. They have AMAZING fitness programs for every level, solid nutrition programs (which I'll be incorporating into my nutrition counseling) and a great, nutrient packed meal replacement shake called Shakeology. Trust me when I say, I've done my research on this shake. It's packed with superfoods, vitamins, minerals and protein. It's legit.

Now I haven't always been an advocate of drinking your foods. Eating clean, balanced meals are a must. I believe nutrition is the foundation of healthy living. But I can say, with having kids, sometimes I find, I miss meals. So I had to find a solution. And I found it in Shakeology.

Through Beachbody and Facebook, I'll be hosting Challenge Groups each month. These Challenge Groups are for everyone from all over. These groups will provide motivation, meal plans, accountability and so much more. I'm looking for my team.

My first group begins May 15th- June 5th. You interested yet? Message me or visit my website at 

And the journey continues....


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